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Dale Maxwell, Health Researcher, Coach

Answers to your Questions:
What causes the swelling?
Will this edema ever go away?

Are the prescription drugs causing the edema?

I have edema in my right foot, lately I have been experiencing some pain, along the side of my foot and some under the ball, that I have been taking aspirin for with minor relief. The pain is not constant, but it is present. Is there reason for alarm?

What methods are appropriate for the various causes of edema swelling in the feet and ankles?

How can I help treat edema naturally and not so much medicinally?

I have been asked over 100 different (254 total with overlaps) questions about edema and I have answered these quesions and more in this amazing new multi media e-book.



Listen to my message

I took these photos of my own left foot, to demonstrate my own experience.

18 hours

Ankle 11+

Foot 9 3/4+

Ankle 10 1/2

Foot 9 1/4

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